Residential Metal Roofing Virginia Beach VA: Installation, Replacement, Repair, Etc.

If you live in Virginia Beach, you are well aware of how humid the summer in the area can get. When wintertime comes, you can expect windy and cold weather. You can also expect some precipitation all year round. With this climate, you would need durable materials for your home, including a roofing system.

In this case, the best option is metal roofing. Compared to other conventional materials, it is more durable and offers more advantages.


Why Should You Choose Metal Roofs For Your Home

They are lightweight.

Clay tiles and slate tiles are popular roofs in Virginia Beach. They are stylish and practical, but they tend to be heavy. Their weight may cause an impact on your property. Metal roofs (like copper roofs and steel roofing) are lighter than other materials.

They help cool your home.

Virginia Beach summers can be harsh. But with a metal roofing system, you can relax with reduced cooling costs. Metal panels reflect the sun’s UV rays, which mitigates the heat inside your home.

They are long-lasting.

Metal roofing is weather, fire, and insect-resistant. With its features, metal roofing can last up to 40 to 70 years.

Residential Metal Roof Installation

metal roof installation virginia beach

Having a metal roof over your home is an investment. It will save you from replacement costs as it can last up to several decades. Metal roofs are both energy-efficient and cost-efficient. You don’t even have to check it constantly because it requires minimal maintenance.

What you need to consider is the experience of a metal roofing contractor. There are metal roofing companies that claim their expertise on installation, but not all provide good service. Take time to read their clients’ reviews and feedback and see their credentials to see if they are legitimate.

We will install metal roofs on your residential buildings properly. Our experience and expertise guarantee quality service without any installation errors. Contact us for more inquiries.

Residential Metal Roof Replacement

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Replace your old roof with something better. Metal roofs are better choices than your old materials. They are more durable and stylish. You can choose from metal roof shingles, galvalume roof, metal tile roof, standing seam metal roof, and many more.

Roof replacement is a delicate process, so you should let an expert handle it. Hire a metal roofing contractor that has credible experience and underwent proper training.

If you need a metal roof replacement in Virginia Beach, we are the contractor for the job. Call us to learn more about our services.

Residential Metal Roof Repair

metal roof repair virginia beach

There are different reasons why metal roofs become damaged. In some cases, A strong storm may cause issues with your roofing. You should check on it if there are minor damages to prevent it from getting more serious.

The most common reason for metal roofing damage is installation errors. These errors cause rust, corrosion, and eventually, leaks. You can avoid them by hiring a trustworthy and credible contractor.

But if you already need a patch-up job, we will be more than willing to do the work. Trust us to repair the damages and make your metal roofs as good as new. Call us for more information.

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